Tulamben’s Underwater Charm

Tulamben is located in Bali. Tulamben is the name of a beach which is located in Karangasem Regency. To go to this beach, from Denpasar you could use the By Pass Ida Bagus Mantra Route (Denpasar)

bali best diving spot tulamben beach karangasemIndonesia is widely known as one of the countries which possess the largest and the best underwater biodiversity in the world. The area of coral island in Indonesia is estimated reaching 60 thousand square meters, spreading from the westernmost area (Sumatra) until the easternmost area (Papua). The beauty of Indonesian underwater ecosystem needs to be more promoted. All this time, Indonesians only focus on developing land and culture tourism without realizing its underwater potential. However, now the underwater beauty of Indonesia has begun to be explored more as the places like Raja Ampat, Bunaken, Wakatobi, and Tulamben getting more reputation worldwide.

One of those diving site, Tulamben, is located in Bali. Tulamben is the name of a beach which is located in Karangasem Regency. To go to this beach, from Denpasar you could use the By Pass Ida Bagus Mantra Route (Denpasar), heading to Klungkung, and then Karangasem. From the city of Karangasem, you could continue your trip from the Abang Intersection heading north. After 30 minute trip, you will enter the area of Tulamben Beach.

For every diver, it is very important to know the whole set of equipments which will be used for diving. This is necessary to guarantee the safety and comfort while diving underwater. The complete equipments for diving including diving suit, breathing regulator which is also used for balancing your body underwater, masker, snorkel, coral boot, fin for moving underwater, oxygen, and the most important equipment in diving called SCUBA of Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. Those equipments must be well prepared before jumping into the water. If you are a beginner, you do not need to worry because in this place a guide and instructor will be available to help you with the equipments until give instruction when you are underwater.

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For beginner divers, Tulamben Beach is the perfect choice because the current under its water is rather calm. However, for the intermediate of even pro divers, this site is still an attractive diving spot since the underwater beauty that this beach offers is quite charming. Underwater beauty is actually the main reason for every diver doing this sport. The beauty of the coral reefs and its biota could give a peaceful feeling for everyone who sees it. The skill of diving is also important because the more skillful a diver is, the calmer he will be under the water.

Diving is an exciting yet challenging activity which is suitable for refreshing activity, escaping from the stressful daily routines. However, the excitement of diving around the underwater biota should not result damages for this priceless beauty because once this ecosystem takes damage, it will need a long time to be recovered.

These are the reasons why you need to visit Tulamben

  • Complete facilities. There are a lot of tourism facilities such as hotels, restaurants, and shops. For tourists who want to see the underwater life, the diving operators are also available and all of them are systemized well.
  • Not far from the gulf of Tulamben, there is an attractive and safe diving site. In this site there is a wreckage of USAT Liberty Glo, a former army transportation vessel which was drowned by Japanese torpedo in 1942. The Liberty is a paradise of various sea biotas such as sea snail, crab, shrimp, ghost pipefish, pygmy seahorse, Mola Mola (ocean sunfish) or even shark.
  • This diving spot is one of the easiest spots. All divers from the beginners until the experts could dive well here. The location of US Liberty, for example, could be directly reached from the coast around 25 meters with depth around 5 meters until 30 meters.
  • If you bring camera, make sure it has big capacity because it will be hard for you to stop taking photographs in this site. The beauty of its underwater panorama is amazing.
  • Tulamben is rich with species of fish. In the Liberty wreckage, you could see thousands of Jack fish, shark, or barracuda silhouette swimming around you. With the guidance from the instructor, you could spot on some small animals which camouflage perfectly in this location.
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  • Besides the wreckage of USAT Liberty, there are also other interesting spots to be visited such as Tulamben Wall (Drop Off), Paradise Reef which contains artificial coral reefs with plane frame, Matahari Reef, and Seraya which is the paradise for surfers and underwater macro photographers.
  • The price for diving in Tulamben is very reasonable for what you will see there. There are also packages to be chosen including staying and diving facilities. If you want to get a diving certificate, an on-site diving course is available.