Payment Confirmation

Use this form or one of the provided ways below for payment confirmation, if you have paid using one of these payment services like klikBCA, ATM Transfer, Local Bank Transfer, International Wire Transfer, Western Union, Direct Paypal Payment, MoneyBookers and Payoneer. We will need your proof of payment before sending the tour and hotel vouchers to you. – 175$ –

Note / Important

You will lose 100% of your payment and it will not be refunded if you are late to do the confirmation during 5 days after the payment.

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Email confirmation – 24 hours / day

Telephone confirmation – available on ( Monday-Saturday: 09am-21pm )

0361 – 9110644 ( local ); +6281558565205 ( international )

Live chat confirmation – 24 hours / day

We have 5 operators to help you doing the payment confirmation through the live chat feature in this website.

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