The “Must Visit” Places in Singapore

Singapore is also an attractive tourist destination in Southeast Asia, besides Bali. Many tourists who spend their holiday in Bali or other islands in Indonesia, take their time to visit this country.

Singapore is also an attractive tourist destination in Southeast Asia, besides Bali. Many tourists who spend their holiday in Bali or other islands in Indonesia, take their time to visit this country. The adjacency with Indonesia also makes this island easy to be visited by a short flight from any place in Indonesia. If you have a plan to visit this country and do not know what places to be visited there, below are mentioned some of the places in Singapore which are often visited by tourists during their holiday.

Merlion Statue and Esplanade

merlion statue singaporeIf you go to Singapore to have a holiday, visiting Merlion Statue in marina bay is a must. Merlion is the abbreviation of Mermaid Lion. Indeed, this statue is in a form of mermaid with a head of lion. This statue has become the symbol of Singapore. Usually, every tourist who visits Singapore will never miss his/her chance to take photo with the background of this statue. Some people said, “if you did not take photograph in front of the Merlion Statue, you did not visit Singapore at all.” Besides that there are also a lot of other good objects which are worth to be photographed as mementos around here.

In the opposite direction from Merlion Statue, there is Esplanade building. This building is quite unique which is called as fly’s eye building or sometimes durian building. It refers to its shape which looks like a pair of fly’s eyes from the top and a durian from the land. Just like Merlion, Esplanade is also a favorite place to take photograph for the tourists.

To visit Merlion Statue in Merlion Park and Esplanade you must take the closest MRT, Raffles Place (EW14). After that you could walk around to the location whilst enjoying the view of great skyscrapers in the center of Singapore.

Sentosa Island

sentosa island singaporeSentosa Island is a separate island from the main island of Singapore. This island is very close to the Batam Island of Indonesia. This island is the center of all entertainments in Singapore. There are a lot of attractions, shows, restaurants, and also beaches. In the holiday, there are a lot of both local and foreign tourists visiting this island. The beach is very clean and comfortable. If you are fond of gambling, a great casino is available in this area. There are so many attractive places to be visited here, so a one day visit would not probably enough. If you want to be in this island longer and enjoy all complete facilities that this island offers, you could stay in some luxurious hotels.

To spend your days here, you could start from the beach front area, get on Tiger Sky Tower, visiting Images of Singapore Museum and Fort Siloso. There is also a spectacular laser show, “Song of the Sea” at night.

Resort World Sentosa was built to complete the attractions here. Resort World Sentosa has integrated this island with Casino, Hotel, Shopping Centre, Theme Park, and restaurants and has become the first Integrated Resort in Singapore. One of the most interesting Theme Parks in Asia is located here, the Universal Studio Singapore.

To reach Sentosa Island you could get on a MRT heading into Harbour Front. From there, just follow the street sign then get on a bus, train, or cable car from Vivocity.

Marina Bay Sands

marina bay singaporeMarina Bay Sands is one of two Integrated Resorts in Singapore which was just opened in 2010 after the opening of Resort World Sentosa in the early April 2010. Marina Bay Sands is located in the area of Marina Bay, the same area of the other Singapore’s icons such as Merlion Statue, Esplanade, and Singapore Flyer. The Casino in Marina Bay Sands occupies 4 floors in this building and every floor is provided for different class of guests. Besides Casino, the other attractive places here are Marina Sands Sky Park and Light & Water Spectacular.

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Orchard Road

orchard road shopping place singaporeThe name of Orchard (plantation) was taken from the history of this area, where in the middle of 1800’s, this area was utilized for plantations of fruits, nutmeg, and pepper. Orchard Road is the paradise of the shopaholics. Along this road, there are some magnificent and luxurious malls. Almost all fashion brands sell their stuffs in the malls here. Some famous malls situated in this road are Tangs Plaza, Takashimaya, Wisma Atriya, and Lucky Plaza, and many more. Besides these malls, in Orchard Road there are also a monumental palace in the southern part of this road and botanical garden in the northern end.