Rent Suzuki APV with Driver

Suzuki APV is an 8-seater MPV which is only produced in Indonesia by this Japanese automotive company. Its big dimension could accommodate up to 7 passengers comfortably which is best suited for tour and travel.


This car is equipped with multireflector front light with a pair of fog lamp in the front bumper which are very helpful for producing additional light for the driver. Meanwhile, the rear wiper is proven to be a handy part that is very important in the rainy day


The interior of Suzuki APV is very spacious even in handling 7 passengers at once. Besides that, the capacity of its trunk is quite spacious especially when the third and second seat rows are folded creating a wide area for the luggage.


The safety features which has become the standard of Suzuki APV include TECT body, ELR seatbelt, and the ability to prevent incidentally locked door when the side doors get a severe impact.