Rent Kijang Innova with Driver

Kijang Innova is one of the favorite cars in Indonesia with family car concept. With its big dimension and spacious interior, this car is suitable for a long trip or tour.


Toyota Kijang Innova emerges with gorgeous designs in some parts. The front light is designed with multireflector, a pair of fog lamp with sporty style in the front bumper, and the rear combination lights. This MPV has 4,855 mm length, 1,760 mm width, and 1,750 mm height. The front and rear tire axis length is 2,750 mm and the height of the car from the surface is 176 mm.


With its big body dimension, the cabin of this car is very spacious and comfortable even when it is loaded with 7 people. Besides that, the other features that this car offers such as 2 cabin lamps, speedometer with tachometer, ashtray, double blower AC, and entertainment system.


This Toyota family car has some safety features including child protection, 3 angles seatbelts for 3 seat rows, and ABS with LSPV. All of these features are expected to be able to guarantee the safety of the driver and passengers.