Rent Toyota Avanza with Driver

Toyota Avanza is in the category of most favorite car in Indonesia. The multifunction aspect of this car could easily accepted by the people. Although it has smaller dimension compared to the other similar MPVs, this car is still comfortable to be driven not only for family purpose, but also business and tour.


With various choices of colors, Toyota Avanza appears with its brief and fit body for a kind of MPV car. The fog lamps in the front bumper are very useful when the driver needs additional light. The design of its rear light is still gorgeous with the roof spoiler and brake’s indicator integrated.


The cabin of Toyota Avanza could accommodate up to 7 passengers at once. The interior is comfortable completed with double blower AC suitable for a tropical country like Indonesia. Even though this car’s trunk is not as spacious as the others, but it is still okay for carrying luggage, and could be widen by folding the third row seat.


Of course, Toyota Avanza offers some safety features for its passengers. The seatbelts are available for all seats even in the back. On the rear window there is a child protection feature designed for the safety of your children. The ABS technology has also been added to this Toyota MPV.