Indonesian Diving Spots With Spectacular Coral Reefs

Of many things you can enjoy in Indonesia, you should consider visiting some beaches for diving. Indonesia is an archipelago consisting hundreds of small and big islands

Visiting Indonesia for a vacation is exciting without any doubt since this has a lot of allures to enjoy. Of many things you can enjoy in Indonesia, you should consider visiting some beaches for diving. Indonesia is an archipelago consisting hundreds of small and big islands. Related to this thing, it makes sense that tourists can find a wide range of diving spots that are popular not only for local tourists but also people from across the world. In past decades, Indonesian diving has been organized in the right manner so that if you visit some diving spots with amazing coral reefs and a wide range of seawater inhabitants, then you can get a range of comfortable facilities ranging from convenient accommodation to professional diving guide. When it comes to popular diving spots available in Indonesia, the first diving spot to visit is Raja Ampat, which is located in West Papua – an eastern part of Indonesia. As a matter of fact, Raja Ampat is still positioned in rural area where modern life is still far from reach. In spite of its geographical location, Raja Ampat still allows you to get excitement since it becomes one of the best diving spots not only in Indonesia but also in the world. As a proof, more and more international divers come to Raja Ampat to enjoy beautiful coral reefs. Diving in Raja Ampat is certainly exciting as diving spot of this area has up to 75 % of coral reefs available in this planet. Diving spot of Raja Ampat contains more than 600 species of coral reefs. Condition of beaches of Raja Ampat is perfectly intact where you can enjoy tranquility and breeze. This way you can enhance your excitement so that this place is a proper choice to relax and unwind.

Some Diving Spots of Raja Ampat

Not only does Raja Ampat’s diving spot offer more than 600 species of coral reefs, but also more than 1300 species of seawater creatures. This condition will make diving spot of Raja Ampat becomes a good fit to your vacation. Due to fast development of this area over the past few years, Raja Ampat is currently accessible with no hassle. You can start your journey from Jakarta and then flight to Irian Jaya, capital city of Papua, by plane. Right from Irian Jaya, you can go to Domine Eduard Osok airport of Sorong by local plane. After you arrive at the airport of Sorong, you can get diving spot of Raja Ampat by speed boat. It is also a good idea to reach Raja Ampat by Bus from Irian Jaya although this way takes you longer to get there. Since diving area of Raja Ampat is large, there are some diving spots to initiate your journey. Diving spot of Pulau Kri and Sardine Reef are the most popular for local and international divers since both of them offers spectacular under-seawater view. Not to mention, both of the diving sports have been managed professionally. For example, you can ask for a professional diving guide to be your companion. Of many seawater fishes, it will be a great experience to see Parrot Fish with its bright colors. Other diving spot of Raja Ampat is Kepulauan Kaboei Bay Rock where you will come across gulf on which you can see tunnel constructed naturally by coral reefs. Of course, Raja Ampat is not only for people who want to enjoy diving since here you can also find some tourism resorts with well-managed facilities so that it will be a great decision to spend a couple of weeks at Raja Ampat. With white sand, it will be an unforgettable movement for tourists to have sunbathing at Raja Ampat and read more about raja ampat here.

Popular Diving Area Available In Bunaken Island

Diving spot in Indonesia is not only about Raja Ampat since you can also come to other popular diving areas. Without a doubt, Bunaken is a diving spot you need to visit when you come to Indonesia for a vacation. Bunaken is geographically located at Manado Bay, North Sulawesi. Width of Bunaken island is about 8.08 km square, and this diving spot can be reached by speed boat from Manado harbor.

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To reach this diving area, you just need to take 30 minutes by local speed boat. Aside from good-looking coral reefs, Bunaken diving spot also enables you to see tons of seawater species. It is predicted that more than 91 species of fish are living in sea of Bunaken. Some of the fishes are Seriola Rivoliana, Hippocampus Kuda and cassis cornuta. Based on reliable data, Bunaken has attracted divers from local and international areas due to the spectacular of this island. Not only do divers can enjoy beautiful view of coral but also amazing natural beauties and a wide variety of seawater inhabitants. Some tourism resorts are also available in Bunaken where you can enjoy your vacation.

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