Favorite Tourist Destinations in Lombok

Although not as famous as its neighbor island, Bali, Lombok now has shown that this island deserves attention from the world of tourism. Below are some favorite tourist destinations in Lombok

Lombok is a name of an island Sunda Kecil or Nusa Tenggara archipelago which is divided by Lombok Strait (separates Lombok from Bali) and Alas Strait (separates Lombok from Sumbawa). Uniquely, “Lombok” also means “chili” in Bahasa Indonesia. This island’s shape is round with a “tail” in the southwest side nearly reach 70 km. The size of this island is 5.435 km2, with its capital Mataram City.

Although not as famous as its neighbor island, Bali, Lombok now has shown that this island deserves attention from the world of tourism. Below are some favorite tourist destinations in Lombok.

1. Senggigi Beach

Senggigi Beach at lombokSenggigi Beach is the most popular beach in Lombok. It is located in the west coast of Lombok. Although Senggigi Beach is not as great as Kuta Beach in Bali, when we come to this beach, we can feel similar atmosphere that might found in Kuta. However, different from Kuta, this beach is still quiet and natural. The underwater view is so fantastic. This is really a perfect place to do snorkeling, because the coral reefs are mounted so it breaks away the wave resulting calm water surface. Some comfortable and classy hotels are also available around the beach with varied prices and facilities.

2. Gili

Gili Trawangan island at lombok“Gili” means “island.” There are 3 famous Gili in Lombok, they are Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili Trawangan. Actually, the Gili of Lombok are not only those 3, there are other small gili/islands around Lombok. However, these 3 islands are the most famous so far. Almost everyday, these gili are filled with tourist, both local and international. These gili are always busy welcoming their visitors.

There is a unique slogan amongs the visitors of 3 gili, “3NP” or “No Polution, No Police, and No Policy.” In gili, motor vehicles are not allowed to keep the freshness of air around the islands. The only vehicles available there are non-pollution vehicles, such as bicycle and cidomo (horse-drawn carriage).

The length of travel to access these islands is about 15 minutes from Senggigi Beach. After that, boat is used to cross over to the Gili and you can read more about gili island here.

3. Pantai Kuta

kuta beach at lombokThis is not the famous Kuta Beach in the shore of Bali Island. Shared a name with a famous beach, this beach is also located in the same region called Kuta. Same with the another Kuta, this beach also offers a beautiful beach panorama with its scorching sun and white sands. Once in a year, the lucky visitors could see the procession of Sasak called Bau Nyale. In this ceremony, the fishermen race to get Nyale worm in the sea.

According to the legends, there was once a princess named Princess Mandalika. Because of her enormous beauty, so many princes and men fell in love with her and marry her. In the end, Mandalika could not make her decision so she committed suicide jumping to the ocean. She promised that once in a year she would come back. So, it is believed that her long hair transform to the Nyale worms. Kuta Beach is going to be a new icon of Lombok’s tourism sector. The massive development of the beach surrounding area is also going to assist this beach’s development as a tourist attraction.

4. Surga Beach

heaven beach lombok“Surga” means “heaven.” This beach perfectly suits the meaning itself. Surga Beach is located in East Lombok in the region of Jerowaru. This beach is famous for its beautiful panorama and beautiful beach with clean white sands. For the surfers, this beach is the right choice for riding the wave. There are also another beautiful beach in the southern region like Heaven on Planet Beach, Kaliantan Beach, Cemara Beach, and Ekas bay which is called Gili Indah.

5. Cemara Beach

cemara beach at lombokCemara Beach is an attractive beach in East Lombok. Its location is between Surga Beach and Cape Ringgit. Just like the other beaches in Lombok, Cemara Beach has sparkling white sand. If you want to enjoy the panorama of the blue Indian Ocean with its beautiful corals directly, some boats are available to rent. About 10 minute crossing to the next islands, you can see the experience that you will never forget.

6. Segara Anak Lake

Lombok Segara Anak LakeLombok is famous for its quiet, peaceful, and natural beach. However, aside from the beaches, Lombok also has other favorite tourism objects which are also worthy to visit. One of those tourism objects is Segara Anak Lake. Segara Anak is a lake located in Rinjani Mountain caldera about 3775 meter above sea level (masl). The view of this lake is amazing with its natural ambience thus so many tourists come and do mountain climbing to see it directly.

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Segara Anak Lake’s size is 1100 ha with 230 m depth and 2010 masl height. There are so many fish in this lake, so a lot of people come here not only for its beauty, but also for fishing the abundant fish. In the middle of the lake, there is a 2376 masl high mountain, called Barujari Mountain. “Barujari” is a Sasak (Lombok indigenous people) word means “just built,” which might referring to its latest eruption in 2004 or 7 years ago.