Banjar Hot Spring at Buleleng Regency

Have you ever swam directly from the natural hot water? If not, come and find it out in Bali! Swimming in a pool with the natural hot water you can find it in Banjar, Lovina, Bali.

banjar hot spiring singarajaHave you ever swam directly from the natural hot water? If not, come and find it out in Bali! Swimming in a pool with the natural hot water; you can find it in Banjar, Lovina, Bali. It is just located 24 km west from Singaraja or you only need 2.5 hour driving from Ngurah Rai International Airport. This place is named Air Panas Banjar; ‘Banjar’ is the name of the village, “Air Panas” can be translated as “Hot Spring”, so it can be called as “Banjar Hot Spring”. The specific location of this place is in Desa (village) Banjar, Kecamatan (ditrict) Banjar, Kabupaten (regency) Buleleng.

The hot water originally came from flowing spring water of a volcano. Because of that, the hot water still contained sulfur which is good for skin and health. The skin fungus, acne, itch and rheumatic disease can be treated by the sulfur which is contained in hot spring. The temperature of the water is around 37° – 40° Celsius. So, you can directly swim into the hot water pool comfortably. Here, while relaxing your body into the pool, you can see the beautiful panorama of a natural tropical garden, listen to natural sound of flowing water and hear the voice of birds singing around there. A river near the pool will directly bring you back to nature.

What a very peaceful place for you to relax your mind, body and soul. As the main point, this place consists of three hot water pools which each pool has a different function. The first pool is located in the highest area and it has the hottest water temperature. This pool is purposed to be a place for those who want to get soaking in a hot water. The hot water is flowed from a head of dragon statues around the pool, so you will feel like taking a shower under the mouth of dragon. What an unique experience of showering! Actually, there are ten statue of dragons consisted in this pool in which the five statues are placed in the first pool and five others placed in the second pool.

banjar hot spiring buleleng bali

In addition, the second pool is a perfect place for swimming and it also has the widest pool area. The depth of this pool is only one till two meters and the water temperature also lower than the first pool. So, it is a good place for children or adult to swim. The last pool is the smallest pool and it’s placed separately from two main pools. This pool consisted of three small waterfalls with three meters high. The waterfalls are supposed to be a natural massage of water for those who want to relax their body muscle. If you want to feel a different sensation of massage, try this one. You will get many advantages if you come to Banjar Hot Spring. Besides getting a healthy skin, you will find a perfect place to relax. After spending time in a hot water, you may feel hungry or thirsty. Don’t worry, this place is completed with a good facility of hotel and restaurant. The restaurant is directly located near swimming pool. It offered Balinese food, Indonesian and western food with a delicious taste. Enjoying a cup of Bali coffee here with the natural tropical view is also recommended for you to give a try. If you want to stay for a longer time, spending one or two nights in the romantic hotel near the natural hot spring water with the tropical garden view will be the unforgettable night for you to remember. The price for the food in the restaurant and room in the hotel will be very cheap. Besides that, the entrance fee for visiting Air Panas Banjar or Banjar Hot Spring is only spent Rp. 5.000 for adult and Rp. 3000 for children. What a very cheap price for enjoying natural hot water with a wonderful tropical garden panorama. For buying souvenir, you don’t need to go far away.

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Many souvenir shops are available in this area. There are many sarongs, T-shirts, unique necklaces, bracelets, and many more offered by the local people. One tip for you if you want to buy some souvenirs here is that bargaining is allowed. Most of the souvenirs are not in the fix price, so you can bargain to get a lower price as well. This place is highly recommended for you to visit if you spend your holiday in Bali.