Bali Safari & Marine Park (BSMP)

Bali Safari & Marine Park provides a unique medium in a combination of wildlife and ecosystem which is very close to the culture of Balinese people. In this place you can see various species of endangered animals

bird show bali safari and marine parkBali Safari & Marine Park (BSMP) is a zoo and conservation place for some preserved animals around Indonesia. This safari park is located in Bypass Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra, Gianyar. BSMP was built on a 40 hectares area which spread over three villages, Serongga Village, Lebih Village, and Medahan Village. From Denpasar, BSMP is approximately 17 km and could be reach in 35 minutes, or approximately 30 km from Kuta and could be reached in 50 minutes. This park is similar with Indonesia I Safari Park in Cisarua, Bogor and Indonesia II Safari Park in Pringen, East Java or people say as “sister park.” This safari park is also the member of Indonesian Zoo Association.

BSMP provides a unique medium in a combination of wildlife and ecosystem which is very close to the culture of Balinese people. In this place you can see various species of endangered animals comes from three regions; Indonesia, India, and Africa. Those animals for example, Bali starlings, owls, boars/babirusa, alligators, crocodiles, tapir, Sumatra elephants, Timor reindeers, honey bear, Sumatera tiger, spotted deer, Himalaya bear, nilgai, black buck, hippopotamus, grevy zebra, dromedary camels, ostrich, baboons, blue wildebeest, and lions.

The basic concept of Bali Safari and Marine Park is to get visitors enjoying the one and only safari experience where they start the trip from the most modern era of Bali, and then gradually continued until the era of ancient Bali where so many philosophies, myths, and histories could be found related to the wildlife. It could be seen that in the ancient Bali, the people were always try to maintain the universe by balancing their life with the wildlife.

The safari will be started with the story of Tantri and Ramayana, then continued to Balinese village with its people’s activities, after that visiting an area of Hanuman (monkey god) and his subordinates, until visiting a Ganesha statue, the God of knowledge and prosperity in a form of elephant. After finishing your visit in Bali area, you will be taken into a tour of Sulawesi, Kalimantan/Borneo, Java, until India and Africa. This trip will be done in a special vehicle departing from a terminal called, Terminal Toraja.

After doing Safari Tram Tour, you will be given chance to visit the other places and directly interact with the animals, such as giving food or riding on camel or elephant. You can also take your picture with these animals and their cute babies. The tour of BSMP gives you a unique and different experience, like observing the white tigers or safari on the elephants back.

Besides a good place for safari, BSMP also provide a good place for eating. You can try to have lunch in Tsavo Lion Restaurant with its unique ambience which is the one and only in Asia. Here, you will have your meal accompanied by African lions which are swarming outside the glass window of your place.

Education and Conservation Program

BSMP also features an education and conservation program which is the best choice if you want to spend your holiday with an educating activities. This program starts at 09.30 in Barong Lobby with the introduction of leopard, alligator, Senyulong crocodile (a kind of freshwater crocidle) and Bali Curik bird. After that, it continues to the next introduction and photo session with some gorgeous birds in the area of Banyan Court. Then, the visitors will be taken to tour the area guided by a special guide for around 30 minutes.

tsavo lion restaurant bali safari and marine park

riding camel bali safari and marine park

The next activity is discussion about animals, environment, and conservation. After that, touching and feeling the animals, watching animals education and conservation show, and observing the process of feeding the white tiger. The program is then closed by having lunch in Uma Restaurant around 12.30. After that, the visitors are free to explore the BSMP and enjoy other activities.

The entrance ticket for this safari park is Rp 75,000 per person while the ticket for the Education and Conservation Program is Rp 110,000 per person.

Other Activities

There are other activities which are provided by BSMP, besides safari and education program, for instance funzone and water park. Funzone features some fun games and rides like gogo bouncer, jungle cruise, spinning coaster, flume ride and so forth. At Saturday, Sunday, and National Holidays there is also barong dance performance and interesting dance lesson for the kids in Bale Banjar hall.

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The Best Visiting Time

Apart from the education program, the best time to visit BSMP is in the morning around 09.00, because Various Animal Presentation is usually started at 11.00, and then continued by Elephant Bathing at 11.15 and Elephant Conservation and Education Show at 11.45. after that, you can visit Uma Restaurant or Tsavo Lion Restaurant for lunch. However, if you prefer to go in the afternoon you should not miss the Elephant Bathing at 13.15, Elephant Conservation and Education Show at 15.00 and Various Animal Presentation at 16.00.