Mount Bromo Trip

Bromo is a name of a mountain in Java Island which is famous for its amazing sunrise and sand desert. Its amazing sunrise has attracted so many tourists from both local and foreign countries.

mount bromo east javaBromo is a name of a mountain in Java Island which is famous for its amazing sunrise and sand desert. Its amazing sunrise has attracted so many tourists from both local and foreign countries. This tourism object is located in Probolinggo Regency, East Java and within bound with four regions around it such as Malang, Pasuruan, Probolinggo and Lumajang. It means that there are many access to reach Bromo area through those mentioned regions.

Bromo is a unique tourists destination because this mountain has sand ocean / desert with 5,250 hectare size. It becomes more unique since the desert is located under a mountain (mountain foot) with 2,100 meter above sea level.

Around this location, there are a lot of choices for staying, from the hotels until local residents’ house which will only cost you around 100,000 or 200,000 rupiahs. Besides that, around these houses you will easily find some food sellers or stands which are also affordable. For the adventurers, they might prefer spending nights in these houses since they can get a more challenging and unique experiences.

To see the spectacular sunrise scene on top of Mount Bromo you must go to an area called Penanjakan. To go there, a vast sandy desert must be crossed. Usually, the local residents also offer you to rent a jeep for easy trip. It will cost around 300,000 to 400,000 rupiahs per car which could accommodate up to seven people. No time for lazing around here, you must rent the jeep at night and be ready at 3 in the morning or you will miss the sunrise. Make sure that you are all wrapped up because it will be freezing around there. From 3 am you will start crossing the desert and heading into the top of this mountain. Do not worry about the hard and uneasy road that you will face, the drivers here are very expert. A little luck will also be needed here, because if it is cloudy or rainy then it will be “game over.”

About 2 hour or less, you will reach the top of the Bromo. The sun usually rise at 5 am or 5.30 depending on the season. When you are able to see a glimpse of orange lights on the east horizon it means that an unforgettable experience is about to start. All people seeing this will be amazed by the fantastic scene that the nature shows.

To climb up onto the summit of the Mount Bromo’s crater you can go through the stairs. However, if it is too tiring for you, a horse can be rented for 100,000 rupiahs. Do not worry if you do not know how to ride this animal, because a guide will accompany you. From the summit of Mount Bromo you will see directly the crater and smell the odor of sulfur. The amazing panorama that you will see is unmatched. From here, the sand desert and a complex of Hindu Temple could be seen from distance. Beside Mount Bromo, you will also see Mount Batok. Mount Batok is a unique mountain with many layers.

Tengger Tribe

tengger tribe at east javaBesides watching the amazing panorama of this mountain, it is also interesting to see and visit the local ethnic called Tengger. According to the history, the people of Tengger were the people of Majapahit Kingdom which fled into the foot of Bromo to avoid wars. Like the religion of Majapahit, these people also believe in Hindu as their religion. Thus, the unique and sacred Hindu ceremonies done here are also attractive. A temple was also built in the foot of Mount Semeru which is adjacent to the Mount Bromo.

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Kasado Ceremony

tengger tribe mountain bromoOne of the unique ceremonies done in Mount Bromo is called Kasado Ceremony. This ceremony is conducted by Hindu people live in the area by giving offering to God. They will gather their harvests from the gardens, rice fields, and farms and arranged them in a unique form of offering. After that, those offerings are brought onto the summit of the Bromo and then thrown up into its crater. Uniquely, some of the people from outside of this village will wait below to take the offerings. Kasado ceremony is an annual ceremony or a ceremony which is held every year according to Javanese traditional calendar. This ceremony usually takes place between December and Januari. The ceremony itself is intended to bring luck, prosperity, and to prevent disasters especially disaster caused by the eruption of Mount Bromo.