Unique Pink Sand Beachs in Indonesia

Have you ever imagine a beach with pink sand? Maybe you will say that such a thing could only be seen in a fairytale world. However, pink sand beach really do exist

Have you ever imagine a beach with pink sand? Maybe you will say that such a thing could only be seen in a fairytale world. However, pink sand beach really do exist. This unique beach could be found in these two locations in Indonesia.

Pink Beach, Komodo Island

pink beach komodo islandKomodo Island is well-known for the “nest” of komodo dragon and its reputation as one of the world’s seven wonders. However, now the visitors of this island could also visit a unique beach called pink beach. As the name suggests, Pink Beach has pink sand along its coastline. The pink color is caused by the mixture of white calcium carbonate and the bright red skeletons of dead organ pipe corals which grow under its waters.

Pink Beach also has various kind of amazing sea biota and coral reef. There are thousand kinds of fish and 70 kinds if sponges live in this area. Visitors could go diving and snorkeling, to enjoy the beautiful panorama of underwater life.

This beach is not really popular amongst the tourists who visit Komodo Island. Thus, the condition of this beach is very natural, peaceful, clean, and well maintained. When you decide to visit this beach, you will be accompanied by an officer of Komodo National Park to ensure your safety, because some komodo also live around the beach. But, do not worry because these komodo rarely attack human and reputedly komodo never attack local residents, so you are totally safety when you are accompanied by these officers.

From the distance sand in this beach looks normal, white and clean. However, as you get closer and closer, the pink hue of the sand will be more visible. When the bluish wave flows on top of this sand, the contrast will even be more clear. Indeed, the beauty of this pink beach will be perfect when it is shone by the direct sunlight.

Tangsi Beach, Lombok

tangsi beach at lombokAlthough some beaches in Lombok like Senggigi and Gili Trawangan area have been famous for the tourists, actually they still do not know that there is a beautiful virgin beach with its pink sand called Tangsi beach. This beach is located in East Lombok Regency, Jerowaru sub district. Tangsi Beach is on the rise, because in the past not many people know about this hidden gem. Even, the local people does not really aware that this beach could become a good tourism object. Recently, a mass media exposed its potential so that people flock to visit this beach.

Geographically, this beach is located in the southern top of Lombok Island. To reach this beach, hard trip must be faced since the road heading to this beach is broken. The asphalt road got quite big holes in some areas. From Mataram city, it will need two hour driving until you get this place. Surprisingly, there is no retribution or entrance ticket in this beach, because the area of this beach is a new attraction and not yet maintained by the local government.

On the both side of this beach you will see two tall hills surrounding the area. Tangsi Beach is in the form of a basin flanked by hills. The natural and peaceful situation of the beach is actually the best attraction for some foreign tourists.

Like Pink Beach in Komodo Island, Tangsi Beach main feature is the pink sand that it has. This color is formed by the small pieces of red corals which grow under its water. This beach is really a new tourism object that not many people visit this beach, even in the weekend. However, as the time goes by, the visitors of this beach keep increasing. Maybe, the number will increase significantly if the government try to optimized this beach potential by providing a good access and tourism facilities. Besides that, near the beach there is also a cave which was used for military basis by the Japanese army in colonial era. Many people said that if we explore this cave it will guide us to cross the hill and arrive in the new beach behind this hill.

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The cleanliness and nature of this beach is still good. There are no inorganic litters found around the beach. This natural state of the beach surely must be maintained, to make the tourists feel comfortable. Moreover, the tourism potential in the form of peaceful atmosphere and uniqueness that this beach offers could be utilized to benefit the government and of course the local residents itself.