The Hidden Beauty of North Bali, Les Waterfall

Bali is the main tourism destination in Indonesia. Well, most of people are aware of that. However there are so many hidden tourism spot you can find in Bali and most of them have their own unique

Les Waterfall At BulelengBali is the main tourism destination in Indonesia. Well, most of people are aware of that. However there are so many hidden tourism spot you can find in Bali. And most of them have their own unique and hidden beauty. One of the good examples is the Waterfall of Les village. If you are eager to spend holiday exploring the beauty of northern part of Bali, Les Waterfall is a great choice to visit. It is located in Les village on the eastern part of Buleleng Regency, 38 kilometer to the east from Singaraja, and about 50 kilometers from Lovina.

This tourism spot has not been maximally touched by any investor. Therefore, this tourism spot is still treasuring its nature panorama with its green hills and undeniable charm of amazing waterfall. The height of this waterfall is about 30 meters. Since the water is hitting the rock before directly pouring to the bottom, visitors can stand under the waterfall and enjoy the relaxation of natural massage. Not only tourist, local people also usually come and enjoy natural massage.

How to reach the waterfall? There are several options to reach this waterfall from the city or other tourism object nearby. The Best option is by car to reach the village, and then walk for about 1 kilometer or hire local motorcycle. It is because car is only able to take you to the village. It won’t be able to take you directly into the waterfall since it is impossible to drive straight to the waterfall. However, you still have the choice to deny the motorcycle and walk while enjoying the nature, trees, and green panorama of the hill. You also can hire local guide to lead you during the trip. Don’t worry about the path to the waterfall since it is well built and safe for pedestrian as well as motorcycle.

As well as several options to reach, there are also several routes to take to reach Les Village. You can come from Denpasar to Singaraja which passing several tourism spot such as Kebun Raya Eka Karya (Bedugul Botanical Garden), Git-Git Waterfall, Air Sanih Swimming Pool, and many other. The second route is from Denpasar to Les Village via Gianyar and Kintamani. This route passes some tourism object such as Batur Volcano Mountain and Batur Lake, Volcano Museum in Penelokan, Some temple such as Penulisan and Batur Temple, and of course some more tourist destination along the way. Well, you can reach the waterfall from Karangasem regency via Tejakula.

Les Waterfall at Les VillageTime of visit is also should be included into consideration. If you want to have a visit into a crowd, Galungan day would be a nice choice to visit. Local residences really love to celebrate Galungan Day (a holy celebration day for Hinduism) in the waterfall. So you can interact with local people and ask more about the culture and tourist spot. Meanwhile, domestic and international tourist usually reaches maximum visit count on August holiday season or days before and after New Year.

Is that all? No. if you are an extreme sport lover, you may ask the local people or the administrator of the tourist spot to consider you for an extreme journey to the top of the waterfall. Actually, there is one more waterfall on the top of the tourism spot. However, reaching that spot is difficult and is highly recommended to use safety utility.

Maybe if you browse through tourism spot in Bali, this waterfall is not yet famous compared to other tourism spot in Bali. This tourism spot is not yet developed to its final potential. Trekking is one of the examples of possible development for this tourism object. Local residence were also not highly depends on the waterfall as their main income. However, the youth generation of this local residence is highly passionate to develop this tourism spot to its maximum extent.

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Well, is that all about waterfall? The answer is still “No”. You won’t regret visiting this waterfall as well as there are other tourism options to visit when arriving to this village. Les village is also blessed with enchanting underwater panorama on its coastline. This village has an amazingly unique slope in which the water flows like a stream before pouring down to the bottom. An amazing waterfall and beautiful underwater scenery, maybe an “amazing weekend escape” is fair enough to explain the natural beauty of Les village.