Popular Art Markets in Bali

For every tourist spending holiday in Bali, visiting art markets is a must. There are a lot of art markets in Bali which all of them sell various kinds of original Balinese souvenirs or handicrafts. Some garment products like

For every tourist spending holiday in Bali, visiting art markets is a must. There are a lot of art markets in Bali which all of them sell various kinds of original Balinese souvenirs or handicrafts. Some garment products like, bamboo shirt, beach shorts, clothes, or Balinese-patterned shirts are sold in these markets. Besides that, some snacks or Balinese foods are worthy to be tasted like Bali sour peanut, Bali cakes, or Bali brem (kind of beverage). The other choices are like various paintings and sculptures, or body care products like Bali scrubs or aromatherapy scrubs.

However, with the proliferation of modern souvenir shops, these are markets are losing their customers gradually. They could not compete with the polished buildings, air-conditioned rooms, fixed prices, and spacious parking area of the modern souvenir shops.

Actually, shopping in traditional art market with shopping in modern souvenir shops are not comparable. There is a special sensation when we shop at the art market, try to interact with the sellers, or bargain the price given. Besides that, the atmosphere of the art market gives an unique aura of shopping.

if you want to get a different experience of shopping, especially souvenir shopping, art markets are the perfect place for you. There are a lot of art markets in Bali, but these markets are the most popular in Bali.

Kuta Art Market

kuta art market baliUsually, tourists prefer to buy Bali shirt made from rayon or thin cotton in this market. However, these shirts are not for souvenirs. These shirts are favorite amongst the tourists to be put on during their holiday in Bali, because of its originality and of course comfort when used in the hot climate. The most favorite shirts for the tourists, especially Australian, is the one with local beer logo on it.

This market is strategically located near the center of the Kuta’s hustle, so the tourists who unintentionally pass by the location sometimes also attracted by the goods sold in this market. Many handicrafts like sculptures, statues, or paintings are sold in Kuta Art Market. The images, motifs, or patterns of these handicrafts are not always from Bali, so the tourists have a lot of choices. This market opens from 8 or 9 am until 7 am, and located near Kuta Beach and Kartika Plaza Street.

Badung Market

badung fruit market baliEvery single daily needs and handicrafts are available in this market, starting from kitchen utensils until Balinese ceremonial equipments. This market is also a good destination choice to know more about the Balinese culinary, like Bali coffee, cakes, or snacks.

The tourists also like to buy “bokor Bali,” an aluminum offerings platter which is used to decorate their house. Besides that, you can also find bamboo shirts, beach shorts, and other Balinese unique garment products.

This market is located in the center of the city, Gajah Mada Street, Denpasar, near Sulawesi Street which is famous for its complex of Balinese traditional clothes shops.

Kumbasari Market

kumbasari market baliKumbasari Market is located near Badung Market. This market is well known as a wholesaler market. The souvenirs that you find in Kuta or near it, actually come from Kumbasari Market.

You can buy some Balinese clothes and accessories here. Not only those small goods, medium and big goods are also sold here like wooden statues or sculptures, even furniture and house decorations.

If you are interested to buy things in large quantities, here is the best place. However, if you only want to buy things in retail, the sellers would also be happy. Kumbasari Market is located in Sulawesi street, Denpasar, and still in one location with Badung Market.

Sukawati Market

sukawati art market giayarThis market is the most famous amongst the tourists, either local or foreign tourists. Here, you can find beach sarongs, shorts, and Balinese patterned clothes, woven bags, or some cute sandals.

Paintings sold in this market are sold well. Since this market is near some handicrafts center villages, so you will easily find good statues, sculptures, and paintings here. Sukawati market is located in the border line of Denpasar and Gianyar City; as if being the gate of entering Gianyar from Denpasar.

A little tips, it would be better to come in the morning where the market is just opened and not really crowded with guests, because you will find it easier to shop and bargain. There is a unique fact shopping in this time, that the sellers will likely accept your bargain since they believe that refusing the early guest would brings bad luck.

Guwang Market

guwang art market giayarThis market is not as famous as Sukawati Market, even though the distance between these two markets are very close. Guwang Market is located in Guwang Village, Gianyar, only 500 meter from Sukawati Market.

This market looks tidier than Sukawati Market with a larger parking area for its guests. Indeed this market is developed to be support Sukawati Market. Not like in Sukawati Market, the buses can easily park in Guwang Market, because of the spacious parking area. The shopping goods are even the same with Sukawati Market, so this market could be a good alternative to buy souvenirs.

Ubud Market

ubud art marketJust like the other art markets, Ubud Market also sells the same products. You can find woven bags, Balinese patterned shirts, Balinese traditional clothes, until sculptures and paintings.

This market is quite large, so you need to go further inside to get the best price. The unique fact about this market, which is also become the attracting power, is this market was used as the shooting location for Hollywood film, “Eat, Pray, Love” starring Julia Roberts.

kuta hotel

This market is very strategic. It is located in front of Puri Agung Saren Ubud, the palace of Ubud King. Besides that, this market is in the center of Ubud, in the crossroad of Monkey Forest Street. Thus, tourists who spend their holiday here, always come to this market.