Medewi Beach, an Exotic Beach for Surfing Alternative

Medewi Beach is exactly located in Medewi Village, Pekutatan District, Jembrana Regency. The access to this tourism object is very good and well maintained so it could be passed by every vehicle

surfing at medewi beach jembrana baliBali has a lot of exotic beaches which are worthy to be visited in almost all regions. If Badung Regency has Kuta Beach, Denpasar has Sanur Beach, Buleleng has Lovina Beach, then Jembrana Regency has Medewi Beach. Medewi Beach is exactly located in Medewi Village, Pekutatan District, Jembrana Regency. The access to this tourism object is very good and well maintained so it could be passed by every vehicle. The location is also easy to be discovered, because it is located around 100 meters from the Denpasar – Gilimanuk highway. From the capital city, Denpasar, until the area of Medewi Beach will need one and a half hour driving over approximately 72 km distance. Such a tiring route if we see the distance. However, in the route to Medewi Beach, you will see beautiful panorama of rice fields along the coast. The fresh air and wonderful view will surely make your trip far from boring.

Located in the main route of Denpasar – Gilimanuk, this beach gains a good benefit from the development of the transportation in this island, such as good road infrastructure that allow the visitors easily access this beach. The raise of visitors visiting Medewi Beach has also made a rapid development to the surrounding areas. Now, in the area around Medewi Beach you could find good accommodations for tourists to stay over. Besides that, supporting public facilities like restaurant, parking area, public restroom, and swimming pool has also been built for the comfort of the tourists.

Generally, this beach has similar characteristics with Kuta Beach, like its hot climate and big waves which are suitable for surfing. Besides that, both of these beaches also have a spectacular sunset panorama. Maybe the only thing that Medewi Beach does not have from Kuta Beach is its sparkling white sand. However, the black and clean sand that is owned by Medewi Beach of course could not reduce tourists’ interst for visiting this beach.

On the other sides, Medewi Beach possesses advantage that is not owned by the current Kuta Beach. Because of Medewi’s location which is far from the city center, this beach is still natural, comfortable, and quite. Although not the best place for sunbathing, the peaceful atmosphere here is enough for reducing stress and enjoying peaceful holiday without so much noise and disturbance. Usually, the visitors of this beach are the local residents or foreign tourists who seek for an alternative surfing place.

sand at medewi beach bali

surfing at medewi beach bali

Medewi is a beach with rocky coast and big waves. Indeed, this thing makes this beach as an ideal place for surfing. If you are a surfer and you want to feel the longest and mildest wave in Bali, then you must try this beach. The waves in Medewi are safe and could be tried by almost every level of surfer. The best moment for surfing is in the starting of the tide or after the tide. Approaching the evening, the visitors could see a spectacular natural view of the sunset in this beach’s horizon. From top of the special area provided, every visitor can see this unmatched panorama while relaxing.

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According to its history, the name “Medewi” was taken from the name of the village where this beach is located. It was estimated that around 1912, the village area of Medewi was administratively opened for settlements before it was a forest. The first group of people who used this area as their settlement was a group of people from Mendoyo Dauh Tukad Village, Mendoyo District, Jembrana who at that time needed a new place for living. Before the deforestation was done, the area of the forest was full of “ketket” plant. Ketket is a kind wild plant which has a lot of thorns. In Balinese, thorn is called “duwi” or “dewi.” With the existence of the ketket forest, these people then named this area as the Medewi forest means a forest with a lot of thorns. After so long, this area has populated by more and more people, then these group of people created a fix settlements and declared this area as a village which also covered the area of Medewi Beach, the exotic beach which is now becomes a valuable asset for them all.