Legoland Malaysia, the First One in Asia

Legoland Malaysia is located in Nusajaya, Johor, Malaysia and was just opened for public in September 2012. This theme park is the first Legoland built outside America and Europe Continent

legoland map malaysiaMost of you must have been familiar with plastic toys called Lego. Yes, this toy is quite fenomenal because it still becomes favorite toys for children even thought it has existed from 1940s. This building set has been developing into a well known product in the world, even has adapted various movies, games, or competitions. Its popularity has been increased with the existence of some Logo themed parks/amusement park. There are total six Lego Theme Park or usually called Legoland in the world and one of them is built in Malaysia.

Legoland Malaysia is located in Nusajaya, Johor, Malaysia and was just opened for public in September 2012. This theme park is the first Legoland built outside America and Europe Continent. Stood up on approximately 30 hectare land and decorated using around 50 million pieces of Lego, this theme park has been the new favorite holiday destination in Malaysia. Although in a form of kid’s toys world, this place is also visited by a lot of adults/families because of its various entertainments, rides, and wonderful surroundings. Legoland Malaysia consists of seven areas, with 40 rides, attractions, and entertainments. Even from the gate, some interesting Lego statues have been exhibited which could make the visitors amazed. Here are those seven areas of Legoland Malaysia:

The Beginning

the beginning legoland malaysiaAs indicated by its name this area is the beginning or gate into this theme park. Here, you can see a lot of bright colors to welcome all the visitors. There is also a Big Shop which offers various kinds of Lego products to be used as souvenirs/gifts.

Lego Miniland

miniland legoland malaysiaA very interesting area where you can see some famous buildings in Asia made all from Lego, for example Angkor Wat from Kamboja, Merlion Statue from Singapore, Taj Mahal from India, Petronas Twin Tower from Malaysia, and even Tanah Lot from Bali. To construct all buildings in this area, it was needed more than 30 million pieces of Lego and 3 year time.

Lego Imagination

imagination legoland malaysiaIn this area, there is Observation Tower where the visitors could observe the full view of Legoland from the top of the tower. Besides that, there is also studio for watching 4D movies and various kind of creative activities for children.

Lego Technic

lego technic malaysiaThere are some challenging rides available in Lego Technic such as Aquazone Wave Race, Technic Twister, and Project X. besides that, there are also some workshops provide creative activities for children and teenagers.

Lego Kingdoms

lego kingdoms legoland malaysiaVery suitable for you and your family who love adventure in a fairy tale world. The decorations and rides can make the visitors feel like living in the era of medieval, completed with every myths and legends such as the fearsome dragon. You and your family will be taken to venture around on a Lego chariot.

Land of Adventure

land of adventure legoland malaysiaThis area is also very suitable for adventure activities. Here, you can meet the Egyptian Pharaoh in the Revenge of Pharaoh and also various giant dinosaurs. There are some exhilarating and interesting rides here to be tried.

Lego City

lego city legoland malaysiaThe most interesting area because it provides complete rides and activities for kids and even entire family members. Here, the kids could try to drive their own car in Driving School, become a ship captain in the Boating School, become a pilot in Lego City Airport, or become a firefighter in the Rescue Academy. Not just merely playing, but here kids also educated to be able to do these jobs well. Besides that, there are also some fun activities for family such as Lego City Stage, The Shipyard, and Legoland Express.

Playing in this vast theme park of course needs a full day. Because of joy and happiness in playing here, it will not realize that the lunch time has come. You do not need to be worry because you and your family could have your lunch on site. In Legoland, restaurants are even designed using kids style with some Lego statues decorated the interior of the restaurants. Of course, kids will be very happy to have their lunch in that kind of situation. The available menus are also varied from the typical food of Asian: rice and also other Asian cuisines. There are also non-Asian dishes like pizza, burger, hotdog, and so forth. After having lunch and break, you can continue your exploration with your family by going around trying some interesting rides.

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Legoland is opened 6 days in a week and closed every Wednesday. This theme is operating from 10.00 until 18.00 or 20.00. Usually, Legoland will be opened longer on weekends or holidays. The ticket price for children 3-10 years or elderly 60 and above is 110 RM (around USD 35), meanwhile the ticket for adults is 140 RM (around USD 45). However, if you order the ticket from their site (online) and it is done 7 days before, you will get cheaper prices: 88 RM for children and elderly and 112 RM for adults. Legoland is indeed the best place for family excursion. This theme park offers fun recreation as well as beneficial education for your children.