Jatiluwih is a natural tourism object with an amazing panorama of rice fields terraces. Jatiluwih is located in Tabanan Regency about 49 kilometers from the capital city of Bali, Denpasar

jatiluwih rice field tourJatiluwih is a natural tourism object with an amazing panorama of rice fields terraces. Jatiluwih is located in Tabanan Regency about 49 kilometers from the capital city of Bali, Denpasar. Meanwhile, from the capital of Tabanan, this place is about 28 kilometers to the north. You could go to this place through a route of Denpasar – Bedugul – Jatiluwih, or Denpasar – Tabanan – Jatiluwih.

If you ever search on the internet about Balinese rice fields or paddy fields pictures, it could be assured that you will find a picture of Jatiluwih amongst the shown pictures. This rice fields are indeed amazing. The variation of terraced rice fields with lush greens and mountain is very unique yet enjoyable to watch.

The air of this corner of a village is very fresh because of its height around 7000 meters above sea level. This tourism object has become a favorite for many local and foreign tourists to visit while they are in Bali. For the foreigners, this rice fields terrace is absolutely a unique panorama that they will never see in their country. For the local tourists, this rice fields terrace is still attractive which is maybe still the best in Indonesia. The tourists who are lucky could also watch Petoyan ceremony which is held occasionally. Petoyan ceremony is only held every 210 days in Wednesday Kliwon Ugu (Balinese calendar system). In this ceremony, a set of procession will be conducted including performing a sacred Wali Pendet Dance. Besides its natural beauty potential, Jatiluwih also possessed a historical potential about the construction of an ancient temple which was related to the king of Keraton Gelgel, Ida Dalem Waturenggong (1460-1551).

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Actually, the beauty of Jatiluwih has been known from the era of Dutch colonialism (1910-1942). However, the access to this village is not well maintained so there were not much tourists who knew about Jatiluwih or visited Jatiluwih. This bad access condition ended in 1970 due to reconstruction done by the government. The road from Denpasar – Tabanan – Jatiluwih was made in asphalt resulting an easy access. So from that time this tourism place started to rise and got a lot of visit because of its nature beauty.


From Denpasar Jatiluwih could be reached around 2 hours or about 49 kilometers. Jatiluwih is situated in the North Tabanan, about 28 kilometers from Tabanan City. Usually, tourists who visit Jatiluwih take a tour package visiting some interesting places in Central Bali. The trip departs from Denpasar to Jatiluwih, and then continued to Tabanan Natural Hot Spring, then Subak Monument, Alas Kedaton and then ended in Tanah Lot enjoying Sun Set in a beautiful beach panorama.


Jatiluwih has been completed with public facilities like parking lot, toilets, bale bengong (Balinese gazebo), and a hall functioned for a resting area of the visiting tourists. This hall is very great for a resting place since it provides a full view of the beautiful area of Jatiluwih from the top. Around the area, some restaurants have been built to serve the tourists with various dishes. The infrastructure like road has been also improved providing an easy trip for everyone crossing the area. Vehicles could come from east route through Pacung T-junction and could also come from west route crossing Penatahan Hot Spring and Batukaru Temple.

Visiting Time

Jatiluwih is always great to see. However, the best place for visiting this rice fields area is at the time the paddies are all green, or around the dry season. It is because at that times, the rice terraces panorama will be very amazing which are spread along the vast area of the village. All you can see is green. This tourism object is also great to be visited when the local farmers hold a Petoyan ceremony which is held every 210 days in Wednesday of Kliwon Ugu, in Balinese traditional calendar system.

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Other Attractions

It was described above that Jatiluwih has been known since the colonial era in Bali (1910-1942). As the result, in the west area of Jatiluwih Village, the Dutch had built a defense headquarter. This headquarters’ remains are still there which is called “Tangsi Belanda” by the local residents. besides that, there is also a sacred temple called Petali Temple which is used as the main temple for worshiping Hyang Widhi (God) his manifestation as a farming ambience. In this temple, the Petoyan or Petirtan ceremony is usually held by the local farmers.