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Home at 36 Condotel one of the hotels set up in the hustle and bustle of Kuta, Bali. Home@36 Condotel is strategically situated on city center and very close to Discovery Shopping Mall, Tuban Beach, and Kuta Beach

Home@36 or Home at 36 Condotel one of the hotels set up in the hustle and bustle of Kuta, Bali. Home@36 Condotel is strategically situated on city center and very close to Discovery Shopping Mall, Tuban Beach, and Kuta Beach, and other fascinating attractions. Besides that, Benora Square, Art Market, and Waterbom Park are all near. From Ngurah Rai International Airport, this hotel will only need less than 10 minutes to be reached.

Home@36 Condotel is a quality budget hotel with nicely decorated rooms and lobbies. Like its unique name, this hotel also offers unique experience in staying in Bali. The rooms are designed purposively with fresh and bright accents giving you a new spirit to venture this paradise island. There are 69 rooms ranging from standard, superior, to family room fully equipped with air conditioner, in-room safes, coffee/tea makers, high-speed Wi-Fi internet access, plasma televisions with free movie channels, and so forth. The bathrooms provide showers, bidets, and slippers. There is also refrigerator and complimentary bottled water replaced every day in every room.

Dining options at Home@36 Condotel include a restaurant and a poolside bar. Daily complimentary breakfast is always available during your stay. Wireless internet access is also available in public areas. Besides hotel accommodation, this hotel also provide famous fashion brand stores, spacious parking area, franchise Coffee Shop, and famous name for Culinary Outlets. There is a also a 24-hour business center on site. Additional amenities include an outdoor pool, concierge services, and a hair salon.

Home@36 Condotel is “a one stop shopping hotel which offer comfort facility and services as well convenience access to enjoy Kuta – Bali active lifestyle.”

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We first booked for 3 Nights and extended another 4 Nights.

Its right at the Beach (but dont expect a Beach-Resort) you walk along the Beach about 5 minutes to get to the surf spots and beach chair rentals.
Its in the Discovery Mall with a lot of Shops, and Fast Food Chains
Only 5 minutes to Kuta Square
can be big to huge, clean room, big bed, thick cosy blanket, modern interior

The shower with the special massage sprinklers is really small and has a lot of limescale. We prefer e less fancy but more clean shower. The toiletseat was broke and moving, when you tried to sit on it. The bathroom had a bad smell. The sink outside the bathroom is a really bad construction, because the tap is too close to the edge. By the way-it was the only hotel ive ever been to, which didnt provide a handsoap (we bought one and carry it now, but never had to use it again, cause every single hotel, even homestay provides it). we also had a room with bathtub shower, with more space but still bad cleanness..this bathroom was always flooded.

Since we changed our room 3 times we saw 4 rooms from the same price class but there are big differences.
first we had a room for 3 nights which was OK but without Wifi (just in the Lobby). So when we extended our stay we asked for a room with wifi. we changed to a much smaller room where the window is going into the mall and hotel lobby. because they both are busy and always playing music we asked for a quiet room. The “quiet” room was so loud beacause of a ventilator or machine outside, we changed the room again. the last room was huge, still noisy, smelled like smoke (and the bathroom like really old and dirty water) but we stayed.

Breakfast is really boring after 7night stay, we missed the muesli, but it was average and OK.

what i want to point out is the staff: they were really friendly and helpful.

all in all we would just come back for the location. but im sure for that price you can find a other better hotel.

From : Zurich, Switzerland
Detail : Stayed October 2012

Selamat Datang di Bali = welcome to Bali.
Allright folks, either you arrive internationally or domestically, you just don’t have to be panic to find a taxi to your hotel in case if you do not have a transportation set up. As soon as you claim your lugage, you exit and around waiting area, there is a taxi booth (I am talking about the Ngurah Rai Taxi Airport Service – Ngurah Rai is the name of the Airport in Bali, Airline Code DPS). It cost me IDR50,000 one way (1USD=9,500IDR at that time) and what you need to do is just show them where is exactly you wanna go and they will tell you the fare which is included the driver and toll fee, tips is not a must but appreciated. Make sure, if you do not really hear them saying how much, it’s not rude, to confirm it for how much. It’s because it happened to me, I gave double money and the agent said nothing and I re asked for how much, then I said, I gave him too much, then he gave me back the different. So please be alert.

OK, where to begin?.
The taxi driver has no idea what hotel is this.
So I gave him the papers from and told the driver that it’s located in the mall, then he realized what hotel that we are going to. It’s located in the heart of South Kuta, precisely in the Discovery Mall at Kuta Area, in front of WaterBom (recreation spot).
The taxi driver told me, that he must take me from the basement / parking lot since I have suitcases, and voila, we arrive at hotel, which I first thought is a lobby. Nope, it’s not lobby, the bell boy is so friendly, took my suitcases and bring them inside and tells me to go one level up and there’s the lobby and he will bring those lugagges to my room accordingly…. allright…
Yes, it’s LGBT Welcome…

The elevator, uhmm,..a small one, it’s not really updated and comfortable, can’t fit 5people (because always make sounds when there are 5 inside…lol) and I think need a TLC a bit. Voila it’s second floor where the reception is. It’s beautiful lounge, so artistic, colorful, I love it, make the atmosphere alive. They greet me, wow.. I love that. So, the check in process is quick and they assign me the room, and I told the reception, I read this and that from Trip Advisor and this is what I am expecting, she said nothing but here you go…, your room is ready. Bingo.

Wow, the room is so spacious,’s huge actually, I was just I can make party in here..LOL, just kidding. But true, the room is big which make you feel so comfortable, with a couch/sofa and LCD TV, nice bed not firm not soft, crisp linen and towel. They will provide you with a complete toiletries everyday, so don’t worry about this part.
Now, I said to myself, this bathroom is fancy, but guess what, I do not like it because I just feel that I am in the cyberspace and can’t move here and there freely. I honestly do not agree with that kind of shower place, no tub either. The sink is outside and I see “Mold”, ok.. I am in tropical area now and see what I gotta deal with next. I look around and check everything, there is refigerator but not filled up with stuff and there is coffee maker and free safety box in the room.
It’s cool, now suddenly thing that I need the most is not there …
WIFI, ohmigod, I suddenly freak out, since I also need to check my stuff, my work, my lots of things by using that Wifi, which is said, Free WiFi when I booked thru
So I advise the concierge and for one nite I must live and deal with no WiFi, so I can not do anything.

In the morning after breakfast (sometimes breakfast coupon is issued, sometimes are not, so just ask them, these peeps are nice!), then I talk to concierge. Here she comes, her name is Ana. She comes to my rescue. She talk so politely, great manner, proffesional, helpful, problem saver, you name it, she is awesome. She looks up the computer and talk to her colleagues and bum.. telling me, Ok we have something different, another room and try to go look and see if you like it and bring my Ipad and see if it works. It’s slow but at least I have connection and uhmm I see a different bathroom, not like that robot thing like boxes and I prefer this one. It’s a normal shower, but the room now is getting small still large bed, fine. I take it. Thank you Ana, you are the best!.
Another problem occured, the sink got no water, and when I shower, no warm water and just cold one. I am just like, really… I will be sick soon …LOL.
I call concierge again and tell what happened. They are so nice and they ask somebody to check and see. So finally I left the room , taking care my business and when I come back, I open the bathroom door, bathroom a bit flooded, the water at sink is leaking, I call them again and this time finally they shut that sink. Fine, I still have shower room so I can brush my teeth and shave …LOL, I am just laughing myself…hehehe.

Then, I have to stay longer and I bought another nite from another hotel website and now, they ask me to move the room again, now, no more large bed, must be twin and yes with that box kind of bathroom again. Uhmmm, it’s clogged and that box/bathroom door, the screw is loosed and can’t close the door and I call housekeeping to let them know what happened and they come and they fix it, done, I am happy.
Still the internet is on and off and on and off and on and off, that nite midnite I must go around lobby and try to work there and still that Wifi is awful, I was so frustrated that nite.
So far if regarding, AC, I have no problem, altho using AC Split and using remote, TV?, they have all the chanels to see/watch.

Don’t get me wrong, the staff are so helpful , so nice, they have lots of fun, they are terrific, nothing wrong with them. The wrong thing is the hotel itself.
So, with this review, I want to say, it’s not really worth of money that you spend for this hotel for the room that you will get, I mean the quality is not there yet.
There are lots of similar price even cheaper that has more value, that’s for sure I can tell since I observe and stop by to other places and check them out.
I pick this place is because I thought,’s located in the mall, I am not afraid if I am hungry, need this and that so just a matter of walk. But put it this way, hotel entrance, you have access thru the mall up to 2am , the rest you gotta walk in thru from that parking/basement, it’s a walk right there in that parking lot tho.
And I learn something, this area, in nite time, DEAD, it’s not like it used to be, even the only bar that open 24hours is just nearby called Melasti Bungalows Bar on that street.
Unless is you go further around Hard Rock Hotel Area or now everything is in Seminyak Area for all those entertainments. In Seminyak, they even have more choices for villa, budget hotels and lots more. I am just so surprised to know the fact that the South Kuta area in the nite time is now nothing at all, nothing you can find, unless if you stay in big hotels.
It’s true, during day time, lots of eateries, and shopping, those are excellent, that’s correct, but you do not want to eat and shop all times. Couple restaurants,you will get some 20%off due to the fact you stay at the hotel. Although this hotel has its own beach but I still not consider this is a beach front property, this is just a hotel, not a spa or similar/resort. There is no water sports that you can access easily either, so once again, I spent the lowest around USD60/nite and Superior Room around $92-95/per nite and this price is honestly, OVERPRICED, period.
For the same amount of money, you can stay in the better ambiance and better room and better service, trust me for this!!!.

And the other thing that I can not stand is the fragrance.
You can smell such a strong fragrance, all over hotels, and honestly I am allergic to it and I am not sure why they do not pick just like a Spa or normal fresh smell. And I have to deal with my rashes every other day because of those smell, and must take my anti histamine every other day because it’s too musky smell and very strong. I hope they will change this.

Like I observed and explained, most of the people that work here are so friendly and nice but that does not mean to compensate your other half that you need.
The other thing is the breakfast, they do not have variety on menu, only 4 choices either rice, noodles, chicken and ham, also porridge and some slices fruits and 2different kind of juices and waters and some danish/pastries. Very boring!.
There is an omellete stand and I am so totally dissapointed, since I ask an omellete for 20minutes and it’s never done. I inform the reception and they told me, that cook wants me to pick up my omellete, meanwhile I witness, he himself and he ask another colleague to send those omelletes that he made for other customers even those customers after me.
Very very dissapointing to happen such not honest person working in this kind of business. And especially has no value nor knowing or has capability that he is working in people service or just say in tourism. Sorry for them that try to do everything to accomodate customers and one like this will hurt their work integrity.

So, at this time, I want to rate this establisment is poor, it’s because there are lots of things that need to be improved. You have lots of people that already stand by with their highest skill but unfortunately the hotel itself that need to be upgraded. It’s recommended for peeps that travel with family in this hotel but not for business.

From : Tampa, Florida
Detail : Stayed October 2012, traveled solo
Room Tip : If you have a doubt when to decide the room, like I said, these peeps, they are really really really nice and they will help you to accomodate your needs, so speak up and ask, they will help you to make your stay better.

I checked in and I was shocked with what i get, a very small room with twin bed (the bed is small too) and a wet bathroom. Not only that the smells is horrible it was like stinky feet. it was probably okay if I pay for a cheap hotel but compare to hotels I stayed before in Kuta this hotel is over price, for a price like that i could get a room in better hotel and better everything. Overall im not happy and will not coming back

From : Malang, Indonesia
Detail : Stayed October 2012, traveled solo
Room Tip : room with ocean view maybe

When we checked in we were also met by the delightful Ana. I have worked in hotels and travelled a lot and been in many types of accommodation, and I found Ana to be the best person in that role that I have come across. The rest of the staff are also fantastic and nothing is too much trouble for them. The accommodation is is another story. We had a huge room on the 3rd level and it was quite comfortable. I also found the cubicle shower very small and very tricky to get the water flow right with the controls knob. The music worked fine but did not help the temperature of the water, mostly cool but never hot. We liked the location and feel we would stay there again in the future. Love the staff.

From : Perth, Australia
Detail : Stayed October 2012, traveled as a couple
Room Tip : We were in Rm 217 and would ask for it again. Love the setup.

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