Grand Mirage Resort & Thalasso – Nusa Dua

Grand Mirage Resort & Thalasso Bali is a 5 Star Hotel Resort located near Nusa Dua beach. Only, 20 minutes from the airport, Grand Mirage Resort & Thalasso is also a short drive away to Uluwatu, GWK, and Kuta. Abundance choices of fun are available like entertainment and leisure activities. Grand Mirage Bali Resort offers a whole new class of luxury including state of the art rooms and breakfast packages. It is the only Bali Resort Hotel which includes motorized watersports in its all inclusive packages. On top of it, it presents 4 world class gourmet restaurants which available for 24 hours, with a wide selection of food & beverage choices.

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5 thoughts on “Grand Mirage Resort & Thalasso – Nusa Dua”

  1. This review is specifically for the Thalasso day spa, I will make a separate review of the grand mirage resort (which I really liked). The day spa did not live p to expectation at all. Given the price I expected an experience similar to day spas in Australia and elsewhere I have been to, and the service and experience here was substandard. I had a facial, and so far I can’t really see any improvement in my skin, usually I can tell the difference. The bed I had to lay on was very uncomfortable and gave me a headache. I think the therapist left the room for about 20 mins but didn’t tell me. Usually while a face mask is on the therapist gives a hand/foot/neck/head massage, I think mine took a break. It was quite boring while the face mask was on it would have been a much more relaxing experience if there was some massage incorporated. Also I have found in the past most day spas offer complimentary use of spa or pool with a treatment this one costs extra for that. Overall it just wasn’t relaxing and didn’t produce a noticeable result, I should have gone across the road for a 10 th of the price

    From : Perth, Australia
    Detail : Stayed October 2012

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