Golf Courses in Bali

Bali has a worldwide reputation as the one of the best tourists destinations in the world. a lot of the tourists come to Bali looking for “sun, sea, sand and sport”. As for the sport, Bali has some kinds

Bali has a worldwide reputation as the one of the best tourists destinations in the world. a lot of the tourists come to Bali looking for “sun, sea, sand and sport”. As for the sport, Bali has some kinds of sport to offer like water sport, air sport, mountain sport, or field sport like golf. In Indonesia, the golf courses that Bali has maybe still the best from all. There are 5 golf courses spread in South, Central, and North Bali which each offers a different experiences of golf in the Island of Gods.

Bali Beach Golf Club

bali beach golf club sanurBali Beach Golf Course is located in Hang Tuah Street, Sanur, Central Bali. This golf club has a good and well maintained field, tall trees, an artificial lake, mounding, and other interesting features. Bali Beach Golf Club is in the tourism area of Sanur which is near the city center. This golf course is very popular amongst the local and domestic golfers. This is the only one golf course in Bali which has 9 holes, but from the aspect of difficulty this course is categorical easy and is also suitable for junior or novice golfers.

Bali Golf & Country Club

bali golf and country club nusa duaBali Golf & Country Club is located in the elite tourism area in Nusa Dua. This golf course was built after Bali Beach Golf Club, and still exist until now. This golf course has 18 holes with each has different level and of course different panorama.

Bali Golf & Country Club gives unique experiences for every golfers. From hole 1 until 9, the player will play by climbing a hill through lush tropical vegetation with beautiful panorama of Nusa Dua from the top, Indian Ocean, and mountain range from far away. Hole 1 until 9 provides the contour of river, valley, and natural vegetation with some tropical birds population on it. For hole 10 until 18, players could play in a green and lush soft grass passing coconut garden and exotic beach.

In 1997, Bali Golf and Country Club was ever awarded by Fortune Magazine as the best golf course in Asia. Now, this golf club is in the category of “oldies”, but it still has the attracting power come from its uniqueness and good quality. Bali Golf & Country Club is also one of the golf club in Bali which offers the best golf training for the novices and juniors with its Ancora Institute.

Bali Handara Kosaido & Country Club

bali handara kosaido country club bedugulThis “total green” place is located in the center of highland in Bali, Bedugul, about 55 km from Denpasar. Surrounded by mountains, lake, and dense forest makes Bali Handara Kosaido Country Club looks like a wonderland which combine beauty and complete facility.

This golf course was built at almost the same time with golf course in Nusa Dua. One of the uniqueness of this golf course is its location which is in the height of 1500 meter above sea level, with average temperature around 15 degrees Celsius. With 18 holes available to conquer, this golf course also has a lot of obstacles and tall trees with a long hit range. Bali Handara Kosaido & Country Club has a good rating of the fields and the most beautiful panorama in North Bali.

Nirwana Bali Golf Club

nirwana bali golf club tanah lotLocated near Tanah Lot Temple makes Nirwana Bali Golf Club as the favorite golf course for the golfers with elegant and green design which are the typical of Bali nature.

According to Golf Magazine, Nirwana Bali Golf Club is the best golf course in Bali and Southeast Asia. This golf course is located in Central Bali with 18 holes specially designed by Mr. Greg Norman, a professional PGA player. This golf course directly faces the Pacific Ocean so the wind will be a challenge for the players. This golf course is also specially designed for pros and used for various tournaments in Indonesia. Nirwana Bali Golf Club provides a typical beautiful view of Bali with the ricefield terraces, Tanah Lot Temple which is observable from hole 16, and also amazing sunset scene in the afternoon.

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New Kuta Golf Club

new kuta golf club baliNew Kuta Golf Club is the newest golf course which was built in 2005, with 18 holes located in the area of Pecatu Graha Bali, in the very edge of South Bali facing the Pacific Ocean. New Kuta Golf offers a different appearance from the other golf courses in Bali, where there is no single tree used as obstacle. This golf club is the branch of golf link spread in some countries in Asia and it use the concept of a desert like the golf courses in United States. New Kuta Golf Club is on the rise and often used as the place for official tournaments in Indonesia, like Ladies Open, ASIA PGA, and other small tournaments. This golf course is a favorite for the golfers who want a long hit distance from the T box to the green.