Geger Beach, Nusa Dua

Geger Beach is one of the charms that attracts so many tourists to visit this beautiful island of Bali. Not like the other beaches in Bali which are commonly crowded with so many people, this beach is still natural and quiet

geger beach nusa duaGeger Beach is one of the charms that attracts so many tourists to visit this beautiful island of Bali. Not like the other beaches in Bali which are commonly crowded with so many people, this beach is still natural and quiet. Its sparkling white sand lies to several hundred meters combined with turquoise water, splash of the waves, and peaceful atmosphere creates such a panorama of dream tropical beach. The natural and peaceful situation of Geger Beach is caused by the small amount of shops, restaurants, or café, and the absence of noisy discotheques around the area totally different from other popular beaches like Kuta, Legian, or Seminyak.

Another cause is the location of this beach which is a bit hidden, far away from the main road which is the main contributor of the sound pollution in Bali. The true tranquility and beauty of winding reefs in its coastal area make a very romantic atmosphere, plus the rolling calm wave with bluish water complete that atmosphere especially for the couples. It is no wonder that Geger Beach has become one of the favorite places in Bali where new couples want to spend their honeymoon phase. Usually, these couples spend their time together by lying down on the sand, sunbathing in the warmth of Bali’s tropical sunlight whilst enjoying beach panorama.

Besides sunbathing, other activities that could be done in this beach are swimming and fishing, especially when the waters is receding. The reefs which are pointed out from the water looks like a bridge for the visitors to explore the sea deeper and enjoy the captivating underwater scenery under the shallow waters. Geger Beach is also a favorite spot for the surfers. This beach has a calm but challenging waves which are good for the beginner until professional surfers who wants to feel the fun of riding the wave. In the middle part of the ocean, the waves is quite big which is very suitable for rushing the surfers’ adrenaline. Whether in the morning or in the afternoon, the water of Geger Beach always feels warm which makes the tourists reluctant to leave the beach.

In this beach the tourists could also see a seaweed farming area managed and cultivated by the local residents around the beach. Many activities could be done here, like watching the harvesting process, drying the seaweed, or observing the farm itself.

nusa dua geger beachBesides all of those uniqueness, Geger Beach still has a uniqueness to offer, that is camel safari along the coast. You do not need to go to Egypt to feel the sensation of riding camel, because here the camels are ready to take you walking around. The only difference is these camels will not take you crossing a burning sandy desert, but a beautiful sandy beach. In exploring this beach, some routes are already provided by the administrators of the beach, so you do not need to worry that you may get lost. This camel safari usually take 1 hour to enjoy, which will be one of the most unique experiences in your life. Actually, now Geger Beach is also completed with some facilities like masseur, venders, souvenirs shops, and some restaurants. Tourists could try various selection of seafood in these restaurants.


Geger Beach is located in the southern part of Bali Island, exactly in Peminga village, Sawangan, Nusa Dua. Even a bit hidden, this beach is not too hard to find. From Kuta, you could follow the main road heading into Nusa Dua. In the last traffic light before the gate heading into Nusa Dua Tourism Area, an exclusive complex owned by Bali Tourism Development Corporation (BTDC), just turn right. If you find a sign written “Pantai Geger”, do not follow it.

nusa dua hotel

Actually, that access could take you to the beach but the condition of the road is not good. Big holes and pieces of reefs spread along the road make your trip hard and uncomfortable. So, just follow the main road until you find Nikko Hotel. Around 500 meters from this hotel there will be a small bridge. Just turn left right before this bridge and around 200 meters from there you will be welcomed by the beautiful panorama of this beach. So if you are looking for a peaceful and beautiful beach to visit in Bali, do not miss Geger Beach. Moreover, you could find a unique camel safari here. An attraction that you will rarely find anywhere in Bali.