Anak Krakatau Mountain

Anak Krakatau Mountain is located on Sunda Strait, in between the island of Java and Sumatera. Anak Krakatau could be said as the most famous Indonesian mountain in the world

krakatau mountain volcano eruptionAnak Krakatau Mountain is located on Sunda Strait, in between the island of Java and Sumatera. Anak Krakatau could be said as the most famous Indonesian mountain in the world. It has become famous because of her mother’s (Krakatau/Krakatoa Mountain) devastating eruption in 1883. This massive eruption happened in August 1883 causing giant tsunami, volcanic dust, darkness for two days, and temperature decrease because of blocked sun. The blasting sound of the eruption could be heard until Australia. Moreover, the heat, dust, and cloud even covered some area of Europe. After that eruption, Krakatau Mountain was destroyed and disappeared. However, slowly a new mountain rose from the sea where the Krakatau was located and then called as Anak Krakatau (The Child of Krakatau). The unique history of this mountain has attracted so many people to visit the site. Not only Indonesian, foreigners also attracted to come to this mountain to see the beautiful panorama that it offers and also to do some research.

In 1927, the Anak Krakatau Mountain began to rise after her mother disappeared from the map. Apparently, the lava from the former Krakatau Mountain’s crater rose from under the water with one meter height. However, this crater is getting bigger and higher, creating a small island in form of a mountain. Until now, Anak Krakatau Mountain is still active and often ejects volcanic materials like sand and lava.

The fact that Anak Krakatau Mountain is still active, does not make the surrounding area is lifeless. Various kinds of plants and biota live in the area of the mountain. Besides that, the area of Anak Krakatau Mountain is a nature laboratory for gaining more knowledge about geological science. The visitors of this place do not only get amazing natural panorama, but also could study various kinds of natural phenomena, such as the forming process of island, mountain, and forest. Although this area has a barren coast, some trees grow well for example: pine, hibiscus, ketapang (Terminalia catappa), sea kale, and cogon grass.

Different from the barren situation found in Anak Krakatau, lush green environment could be seen in the Krakatau Besar Island (Rakata Island) and Krakatau Kecil (Panjang Island). In Krakatau Besar Island, grow some tropical vegetation like evergreen, hibiscus, ketapang, and dadap (Erythrina variegate). Animals which are often seen in this area are tropical birds, lizard, and other small reptiles.

Anak Krakatau Mountain is very attractive especially when it ejects volcanic dust, smoke, and glowing lava from its crater. However, its status as an open tourism object does not mean that the visitors could go in this mountain carelessly. Visitors are only allowed within a radius of two kilometers from the crater. If you want to climb this mountain, the chance is still possible but the permission from the maintainer could only allow you to do climbing until the edge of the slope because of its extreme condition, like slippery sand and possible gale. The monitoring post of Anak Krakatau Mountain is usually very strict in issuing this climbing permission.

geographic krakatau mountainApart from its unfriendly situation, Anak Krakatau Mountain has been becoming a very interesting place to be visited. The beauty of a tropical island surrounded by greens and twitters of the birds become very attractive side aspects. The beautiful panorama around the island surrounded by sea, the line of shiny black sand, and amazing scenery observable from top of the mountain could be an unforgettable experience for every visitor of this place. Not to forget the exoticism of this mountain when it spews the entrails of the earth in form of yellowish red lava sprinkle which looks like a fireworks of the nature. Besides that, the underwater panorama of this area is as great as the other regions of Indonesia.

Besides Anak Krakatau Mountain, there are also some alternative tourist destinationa which are worthy to be visited. You could go to the islands located near the mountain such as Sebuku Kecil, Sebesi, Umang, or Rakata. However, from those islands the Rakata Island or also known as Krakatau Besar is the nearest from Anak Krakatau Mountain. In Rakata Island you could also enjoy the beauty of underwater ecosystem by diving or snorkeling. The experience of exploring the bottom of the sea in this place with its colorful fish and natural coral reefs would be very amazing.

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From Jakarta, Anak Krakatau Mountain is located on its West. You could drive through the route of Jakarta – Merak highway. When you arrive in the highway gate of Cilegon barat or Cilegon Timur, you must continue your trip to Anyer. After arriving in the beautiful beach of Anyer, get ready for crossing into the Krakatau area. In this beach, you could rent a fisherman’s boat or cruising boat which is available along the coast of Anyer.