The Charm of Kepulauan Seribu

Kepulauan Seribu or Thousand Island is a name of archipelago located on the north of Jakarta bay. Even though the name of this archipelago means “thousands,” the actual number of the islands is 158

Kepulauan Seribu or Thousand Island is a name of archipelago located on the north of Jakarta bay. Even though the name of this archipelago means “thousands,” the actual number of the islands is 158. Because consisting of small islands, most of these islands are uninhabited. However, this archipelago has many visitors because of its natural beauty. These are some of the most beautiful islands of Kepulauan Seribu.

Ayer Island

Ayer Island Pulau SeribuAyer Island is one of the island in this archipelago which has fresh water spring. This island has become favorite holiday destination, especially for the people of Jakarta because of its close distance from the capital city. From Marina Ancol Jakarta, Pulau Ayer could be reached in 25 minutes. Here, you can stay on the exciting floating cottages, with a direct panorama of the ocean. Besides hotel and cottages, in this island you could find complete facilities like restaurants, meeting room, fishing dock, water sports, mini market, fun bike, until karaoke. To enjoy the panorama and atmosphere of Ayer, many people prefer to go around this island on foot or by bicycle.

Bidadari Island

bidadari island pulau seribuBidadari Island or Angel Island is only 20 minute from Marina Jaya Ancol by speed boat. Here, you will find a great place to spend holiday. Some romantic cottages are also built between the forest and the sea. Besides marine richness, this island also has a historical sites named Martelo Fort. This fort was used in the colonial era by the VOC, but until now the entrance into this fort is undiscoverable. Apart from that, some ethnical buildings on this island give richer experience for the visitors to feel.

Pantara Island

pantara island pulau seribuTo reach Pantara Island, it will need 120 minute crossing on speed boat from Marina Jaya Ancol. This island is a bit far if we compare it to the other islands, but with this distance you can see the beautiful panorama of the blue ocean and surrounding islands longer. In this island, visitors usually do some fun activities like snorkeling, diving, swimming, playing tennis, and even singing in the hall.

Kotok Island

kotok island pulau seribuKotok Island is known as the paradise for the divers. Besides a beautiful beach, this island also offers an amazing panorama of underwater life. Many visitors of this island, especially the foreign tourists go to this island to enjoy the beauty of its nature and spend a couple of night in the tranquil atmosphere of a private island. You can enjoy a exhilarating recreation in this island like canoeing, snorkeling, jogging, or diving.

Putri Island

undersea aquarium at putri islandIn Bahasa Indonesia, putri means princess. Maybe this island was given that name because of its enormous beauty. Some exotic and comfortable cottages are set in the beautiful atmosphere of this small island. This island is a favorite holiday destination for family trip because some facilities in this island are suitable for fun family day, like glass bottom boat, undersea aquarium (mini sea world), sunset cruise, swimming pool, and other joyful activities. Besides that, this island also offers the typical activities that Kepulauan Seribu has like snorkeling, diving, banana boat, jet ski, or fishing pier. If you want to have a unique and relaxing business meeting, this island even has provided meeting room for your business event.

Sepa Island

sepa island pulau seribuThis island is also one of the favorite islands amongst the islands of Kepulauan Seribu. Sepa Island has a sparkling beach and complete facilities for the tourists or visitors. To reach this island, you have to cross the sea for 90 minutes. If you want to see the amazing view of coral reef under its beach, you can go snorkeling or diving. Like the other islands, some water sports like jet ski, banana boat, or parasailing are available. This place is the best holiday destination for you, your family, and friends.

Pelangi Island

pelangi island pulau seribuPelangi (Rainbow) Island is also known as Petondan Barat. This small island is a natural island in Kepulauan Seribu archipelago. Pelangi Island offers you a nice tropical atmosphere with a dense forest around the island. Some facilities which are available in this island are cottages, diving centre, snorkeling centre, fishing equipments rental, tennis court, mini market, clinic, and many more.

Pramuka Island

pramuka island pulau seribuPramuka Island offers complete facilities for its visitors. The combination of blue ocean with lush tropical greens create an unmatched experience of your holiday. This island is very close to the marine park which allow the visitors to get the best spot for snorkeling and diving in Kepulauan Seribu.

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Tidung Island

tidung island bridgeTidung Island is one of the biggest islands in this archipelago. With a stunning marine scenery, well maintained underwater ecosystem, and affordable price, this island has been reputed as the best holiday destination around the bay of Jakarta. Many activities could be done in this peaceful island, like fishing, diving, snorkeling, photography, or camping. There was once a long wooden bridge connecting the small Tidung Island with the big Tidung Island. This bridge is called the “Love Bridge” because people believe that when a couple pass this bridge holding hands, their love will be long lasting. Unfortunately, about 2 month ago, this bridge was accidentally burnt and now could not be passed. However, the bridge itself is still an attractive place to visit in this island.