Free and Affordable Attractions in Melbourne

Melbourne is one of the big cities in Australia. As one of the big cities, Melbourne indeed provides grandeur of a metropolitan with some potential of tourism objects. Melbourne is a labyrinth of alleys with some luxurious bars

Melbourne is one of the big cities in Australia. As one of the big cities, Melbourne indeed provides grandeur of a metropolitan with some potential of tourism objects. Melbourne is a labyrinth of alleys with some luxurious bars, exclusive restaurants, and boutiques. This city is very neat and well organized, so in 2011 The Economist Magazine even enthroned Melbourne as most comfortable city in the world. It could be imagined that the most comfortable city in the world must demand a high standard of life. So, you might think that this city is not “friendly” enough for the backpacker tourists (especially Indonesian) who want to visit this city and spend a couple of days enjoying the atmosphere of Australia in an affordable set of price.

You do not need to worry. Besides all of the expensive and exclusive places, Melbourne also still has some free and affordable attractive tourists’ attractions to be visited. For you who are very cautious with your money, these places might become a great choice for your visit to Melbourne.

City Circle Tram

city circle tram melbourne australiaTram is the mainstary transportation of this city, especially around the downtown. To serve the passengers, the government of Victoria State has provided free city circle tram. The route of these trams usually passes some center of business and shops. To get on this free ride, you just need to find a place with “city circle” sign around the town.

The exact route is Flinders Street – Harbour Esplanade – Docklands Drive – La Trobe Street – Victoria Street – Nicholson Street – Spring Street – Flinders Street. The reverse route direction of this tram is also available. Free ride is not only the good service that you will have, because inside the tram, you will be informed about the tourism objects or venues which are passed; very recommended for the first timer.


Nicholson Street
Melbourne Victoria 3001
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Shrine of Remembrance

shrine of remembrance melbourne australiaAs its name implies, Shrine of Remembrance is a monument which was built to honor the soldiers who passed in the World War I. This white great building is surrounded by beautiful park consists of lush trees and green yard. Here, the visitors could visit an education centre (including three classrooms and meeting room), an audio-visual centre, gallery space, a retail shop and an administration office, the Hall of Columns, Gallery of Medals, entry courtyard and Remembrance Garden. The location of this monument is not far from the downtown and could be easily reach by city circle tram. Its artistic building, historical value, beautiful park and free entrance make this place as a favorite for the tourists.

Royal Botanic Gardens

royal botanic gardens melbourne australiaRoyal Botanic Gardens of Melbourne is located near the Shrine of Remembrance. This area is approximately 38 hectares wide with collection of native and non-native vegetation including over 10,000 individual species. Living collections at the Botanic Gardens include Australian Forest Walk, California Garden, Cacti and Succulents, Camellia Collection, Cycad Collection, Eucalypts, Fern Gully, Grey Garden, Herb Garden, Long Island, New Caledonia Collection, New Zealand Collection, Oak Lawn, Perennial Border, Roses, Southern China Collection, Tropical Display-Glasshouse, Viburnum Collection and Water Conservation Garden which are chosen for their value, rarity, diversity and interest. There is also a Children’s Garden in this garden with playground for the children.


Private Bag 2000
Birdwood Avenue
South Yarra, Victoria 3141

St. Kilda Beach

kilda beach melbourne australiaSt. Kilda Beach is one of the icons of Melbourne and the most famous beach in this state. This beach is located around 6 kilometers from the downtown. Besides swimming, many people like sunbathing on the beach and the adjacent grass area which is also filled with palm tree for shading. People also engage in other watersport activities, such as windsurfing, sailing, kitesurfing, rollerblading, beach volleyball, jetskiing and waterskiing. There is also a walking track along the beach and a bicycle track.


109 Barkly Street
St Kilda VIC 3182, Australia
0410 624 684


southbank melbourne australiaIf you are in Melbourne, there is no reason for not visiting the Southbank and walking along the Yarra River. Southbank is an inner city suburb of Melbourne, located direct south of the Yarra River. In this area you could walk around the town and find a lot of interesting places, city views, and cafes lining on the pedestrian. If you think that the prices in these cafes are too expensive, you can still stop by the coffee stalls or other cheaper cafes. There are also some bridges crossing Yarra River, such as King Street Bridge or Spencer Street Bridge.

Parliament House

parliament house melbourne australiaThe parliament house is officially used by the Council of Victoria State. This great building is located in the Spring Street and could be easily found by using tram of train. As long as no meeting session is going on, visitors could go on tour inside this building. This building has a nice architecture and interior which was built around 1855. Inside this building, specifically in the Queen’s Hall you could see a statue of Queen Victoria.


Spring Street
East Melbourne VIC 3002
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Queen Victoria Market

queen victoria market melbourne australiaNo one ever match Queen Victoria Market or so called Vic Mart as the best place for shopping in Melbourne. This market is built on a seven hectare land which is the largest open air market in the Southern Hemisphere.

Today, this market is a major Melbourne tourist destination, offering a variety of fruit and vegetables, meat, poultry and seafood, gourmet and deli foods as well as specialty delicacies. It also has a large non-food related market, selling a diverse range of clothing, shoes, jewellery and handmade art and crafts.

If you are not in the mood for shopping, walking around this market is refreshing enough. For your information, Queen Victoria Market is closed on Monday and Wednesday.


513 Elizabeth Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
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