Terms and Conditions

This website is developed and operated by PT. Eka Bali Tours & Travel. We takes the role as the mediator between our site’s visitors and the hotel that they searched and booked from this site, online. Our service is based on the official information provided by the hotel. Although we have tried our best to ensure that the information posted in this site are accurate, we do not guarantee that all of these information are 100% correct and understandable, also we are not responsible for the unclearness and misunderstanding towards the information we provided.

We always offer very competitive prices on our site. Every price shown on BaliTour.net is the price of one room in your whole time stay, except there is different policy for the room. As a comparison, we also show the highest rate advertised from the related hotel in our site for particular room, and this rate is neither the rack rate nor the competitor rate. To avoid misunderstanding, it is expected that you always check the detail of every room you booked to see the available facilities, or everything that is already included in the basic hotel rate.

Privacy Policy

PT. Eka Bali Tours & Travel always set a high ethical standard to respect your privacy. Regardless of the situation, we will never give any information from your account to the third pary. Please read our privacy policy for a more detail information.

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Credit Card Guarantee

An indirect agreement between you and the hotel will be mediated when you make an online reservation from our site. We will not charge your credit card because you are the only one who will pay for your staying duration in the chosen hotel or for your own requested services.

Please be assured that we bring the big responsibility and the secret on your credit card in our greatest earnest. Besides that, for your convenient we also use the services from paypal.com, moneybookers.com or payoneer.com, if you want to use credit card as the medium of transaction.

Free of Charge

Our service is free of charge. Different from the other parties / companies, PT. Eka Bali Tours & Travel would not set the extra charge for our customers, like in reservation charge or room rate.

Cancellation Or Refund Policies

Please follow the instructions showed in the email sent to you in case that you want to cancel your reservation. If your cancelation process is appropriate according to the hotel cancelation policy, you will not charge a penny. We also suggest you to read the particular hotel cancelation policy carefully. However, when you are late in doing cancelation or your cancelation is not appropriate to the hotel’s procedure, or you are absent in the check-in time, the pertinent hotel might charge extra fee as the compensation which is usually valued one night stay or even your whole time stay price. For your information, PT. Eka Bali Tours & Travel will not charge any additional fee for cancelation you make in our site.

The process of refund needs approximately 7 business days or more depending on the hotel you choose and the level of your problem.

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Payment Policies

If you use credit card account, payoneer.com, moneybookers.com or paypal.com to do the payment of your reservation, and we find a difference on the name written in the reservation form which we use for voucher and the name of account which you use for transaction, we will ask you to make a power of attorney from the owner of the payment account or sending the ID card, passport, or driving license of the account owner to make sure that all the data is valid.

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BaliTour.net Website has been developed with the greatest possible care. Our service is based on information provided by the hotel, thus for this reason the pertinent hotel still hold the responsibility for the information validity they showed. The hotel might change any information about their facilities, rates, and availability of their rooms, anytime. Indeed, we are not able to guarantee that those information are accurate and error free, also we are not responsible for the inaccurateness or mistake of the information shown. You must always check carefully any information you got before doing anything based on that information.

Terms and Conditions Last Update: November 23th, 2012